Contractor Licenses

Haverford Township requires plumbers and electricians to be licensed with the Township, as well as any contractor performing commercial work. A copy of the contractor's general liability in the minimum amount of $300,000, and, where applicable, worker's compensation insurance must be submitted to the Township.

Permits without a copy of your State registration will not be accepted.

 * If you do not have Workers Compensation you MUST fill out a worker's compensation affidavit and have it notarized.

 Certificates of Insurance can be e-mailed to or faxed to 484-454-4186

Related Fees

Following are the fees:

  1. Annual License Fee $75.00 (Plumbing & Electrical);

  2. Plumbing & Electrical Journeyman $15.00; or

  3. Apprentice $7.50

Additional Notes

Licensing requirements apply to plumbers, electricians, and all contractors performing commercial work.

Homeowners should always request a copy of the contractor's license and insurance policy before signing a contract or paying a deposit for work by the contractor.

Faxed copies of Permits or License applications will NOT be accepted.

ALL fees are listed on the Building & Codes page, under Township Services "GENERAL LAWS OF THE TOWNSHIP OF HAVERFORD" (chapter A 187)